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Good Debt, Bad Debt

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The savviest real estate investors know the difference between good debt and bad debt.

Consumers are taught that all debt is bad. The ideal consumer goal is to be debt free.

Unlike this consumer ideal of being debt free, the most knowledgeable real estate investors welcome debt. They consider that debt can be a real estate investor’s best friend.

Good debt allows you to take advantage of other’s people’s money, known as OPM.

Physics describes the concentration of power of a lever. Think about moving a rock by putting a crowbar under the rock and pushing down on it. The lever allows you to move the rock. Good debt, in the form of OPM, is a type of leverage.

Levers allow you to move something that you couldn’t move if you tried to pick it up with brute strength.

Leverage also works with borrowed money. When you use someone else’s money to accomplish what you could not accomplish without it, debt becomes a lever. This leverage allows you to use somebody else’s money for your own purposes.

The reality is that someone always has the money you need to buy investment property. If you don’t have it, you can borrow OPM to buy property you could not afford to buy with your own money.

Good debt allows you create profit. It gives you a tool to buy an investment property you could not buy with your own money. Profit from the investment property turns into your wealth created by debt.

This is not what happens when you take on consumer debt. If you buy an item, such as a plasma TV for $3000, you have taken on bad debt. The TV costs you money. It does not become a means to create profit. This is the difference between good debt and bad debt.

Consumer debt does not give you leverage. It is not a tool you can use to create wealth. This is why consumer debt is bad debt.

When you borrow the same $3000 to invest in property that leads to profit, debt is a tool to create wealth. This is the definition of good debt.

Debt is the primary wealth-building tool of some of the richest people in the world. Donald Trump is an example of someone who knows how to leverage debt to create even more wealth. He uses borrowed money to acquire and build even more properties.

This means that good debt is one of the fastest routes to creating wealth. You can call it leverage or OPM if you want, but these terms mean the same thing. You are using borrowed money to make money.

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Georgetown and Sun City TX are Seeing New Developments

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Georgetown is not the sleeping town it once was…… Georgetown, Texas has hit the big times. There is a new 70 acre retail development planned, Coming Soon . A group out of Tucson, Ariz. announced its plans to build a major retail development on the SE corner of IH 35 and Inner Loop Rd. to be intergrated into what is called Longhorn Junction. Longhorn Junction is a 350 acre mixed use, master planned project scheduled to break ground in 2009. Projected by the developers this area would be upscale, family oriented and a point of destination for many. There are possibilities of a hotel, department stores, live entertainment venues and a possible Bass Pro Shops Outlet (which is a huge coo).

As quoted in several local papers, the economic development director stated that it will meet the city’s demand for eating and drinking establishments. There is a real need for eateries other than fast food in Georgetown, so this will surely add to the quality of living in the area. The nearby area already sports a Premier Outlet Mall and IKEA (located between Georgetown and Round Rock) but this is very exciting for the IH 35 corridor. In addition to the growth in retail for Georgetown Texas, there is also much growth in Real Estate. Sun City continues to expand with three full 18 hole golf courses, 2 restaurants, City Market (get your free ice cream cone here), an Amenity center that hosts 3 swimming pools (inside and out), an aerobic center, crafts center, wood working shop, their own Fire Station and more. Homes range from the $130’s to $500,000 in the custom end. Sun City is an adult living community; you must be 55 to reside here. Then you have prestigious Berry Creek also built around a golf course. This is a very nice familygolf oriented neighborhood that also has many amenities such as an Olympic size pool, exercise center, beautiful club house and trails to walk. Homes range from the $200’s to $600,000. Now if you want quaint in the quaint town of Georgetown – there are several pockets of smaller communities such as Georgetown Village – if you love Americana and picket fences, this is the place to be. Parks and common areas abound in this neighborhood, so that kids can come to play, adults can barbeque and have small gatherings. Homes range from $130’s up. Another affordable community is Katy’s Crossing close to downtown San Gabriel Park. There are many more subdivisions at a variety of home prices that have been established for a while with big Oak trees and nice yards. There are also many more new subdivisions coming on line in 2008 and 09 that will add great quality of life to the city.

One more interesting thing about Georgetown….it has an airport. It is publicly owned, has a pilot school, airport rental capabilities, they can provide aerial tours, aerial sight seeing as well as aircraft maintenance.

Other promising projects in Georgetown are

1. The Summit at Rivery Park which will be a hotel and convention center
2. Three Forks Community, a 353 acre mixed use project close to Berry Creek Community
3. A 600 acre urban development just outside Georgetown’s city limits.

From once a slow, quaint little town comes progress, traffic, new homes and lots of shopping. Some might even call most of that… heaven.

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Can Property Investment Help You Retire Comfortably

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What are we all looking for out of our investments Why, the best possible return, of course. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be a confusing, complicated undertaking when it comes to planning your retirement years. Years that are meant to give you all the things you’ve dreamed of.

In times of turbulent stock market activity where many of us have put our money, the desired level of returns have not always been at the levels we imagined, nor at the levels required to adequately fund our retirement future. We want surety in our Golden Years. And this is where property investment comes in. All manner of folks are finding that a solid real estate portfolio is the key to comfortable living now and a stress-free retirement down the road.

With many reputable and well informed companies available to assist you, there is no reason that real estate investing be complicated. These advisors are more than willing to help you choose wisely when it comes to investing in properties that suit your retirement portfolio. Just ask them!

The first thing you should look for is information and expert advise on commercial properties with someone highly regarded in this field, such as you’ll find at Here you’ll find the knowledge and support services you need to become a successful real estate investor.

A nationwide network of investors and commercial real estate develops are what make up In utilizing a team approach they seek to take advantage of their considerable resources to improve upon financial portfolios via sound real estate investments.

Moving from residential real estate into commercial developments is made much easier through this network. Not only that, but you will also find opportunities to recruit other investors for your own commercial real estate projects as well.

So take advantage of all the professional resources available to you at and use them to develop your own skills and abilities. Learn from the experts who can show you how to best utilize real property investment to positively impact your retirement portfolio.

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Ways to Profit from Investing in Real Estate and Land

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In today’s competitive world, land is shrinking fast and population is multiplying by many scores. The need for new houses and land is thus rising and today there is no other option but for making for an investment in the real estate and land market. Once you purchase a property or land, the value of it cannot decrease below some level on the contrary the thriving economy demands more land and more properties. There are fewer disadvantages and far greater returns in investing in the real estate and the land market.

In order to make the most of your real estate investment all you have to do is just waiting and that is the mantra of high profit in this industry. Buying at low value and selling at higher prices is the basis rule of profit in this hot market of today’s world. The real estate and the land market have witnessed tremendous growth not only in the developed countries but also in other countries where the economy of the nations is at an all time high.

Profit in the Real Estate Investment

Real investment in areas like commercial real estate, boarding houses, mobile homes, rental houses, and many other areas have become popular with the real estate professionals. The buyer and the seller in the real estate market profit equally well. In order to reap maximum profits from your investment in the real estate investment there are some qualities that you should possess. Abilities like, a thorough knowledge of the market, the ability to know the needs of the customers, and capacity to see in the future that is you should be able to comprehend the future market trends in the industry.

Selling the property that is bought is not the only way to profit in the real estate rather one should buy the property hold it maintain the property so that the net worth of the property increases over time and then you can sell it for a good profit. For example if you hold rented property and the rent is on time by the boarders and you maintain the property regularly with the rent being paid increases the value of the property and also the net worth of yours.

The other way to profit in the investment of real estate is buying a property that can attract the potential customer. It may be that one buyer may be repelled by the location of the property while some other will pay whatever amount to have the property. This fact points to your ideal selection of the property and its other attributes like its maintenance, the number of rooms, the spaciousness of the property and other factors.

Profit in Land Investment

Land investment market is today considered more lucrative than the real estate investment. The land investment market does not depend on the housing market and the government policies. All the investor needs to do is to buy a strategically positioned land and wait for the right time. Land that has bee declared for residential use, amenities, good road accessibility, things like nearby schools, markets, and hospitals should be looked for having a good return on investment in your land. The investors can even decide to develop the land all by themselves and that is the most profitable way to earn great ROIs on your land investments.

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